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Other Samples of Work Done

Professional Demos

Commercial Demo
Character Demo
eLearning Narration Demo

Audiobook Retail Samples

Bum Wakes Up_Retail Sample
Life Map for Teens_Back Cover
Discover Victory_RetailSample
Practice Pathfinder Blueprint_Mathew Jensen_Back Cover Text
A Complete Day Trading System_Thor Young_RetailSample
Billions_Skye Stokes_RetailSample_Mastered
The Philosophy of Explanation_Retail Sample
Marcoux_Retail Sample

Radio Commercials

Greg's Rockin' GOAT Coffee2
Valley View Automotive


Brown Blue Purple

Radio Imaging

FUN 101

Character Voices

Grumpy Old Man
Evil Villian
Older Southern Male
Tony (New York/Italian)
Dopey Guy
Melvin the Nerd
Lancelot (Gen British)
Austin (Australian)
Zoom Background (original).png


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