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William Savage


Vocal Styles: Elderly Male, Adult Male, Young Male, and a variety of character voices

Accents: General American, Southern American, General British, General New York



My name is William Savage and I started working as a voice actor out of my pure love of entertaining and being silly with my voice. I have always enjoyed entertaining others by using my voice in a variety of ways.  While reading books to my four children, I love giving voices to those characters.  I've enjoyed doing voice work so much, I decided to leave the corporate world after 15 years in Healthcare IT and make voice acting my full time career.

My training includes working with the UVT Coaching team and am a graduate of their Big Kahuna program.  Terry, Trish, Rob, Garnet, and  Jan are amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into voice acting!

Here are some of the clients and work I've done so far and the list is growing daily:

  • Marketing Choices - eLearning Video series on Foster Care to Adoption

  • Marketing Choices - eLearning Video series on Standard Adoption

  • The WindyTown Videos YouTube Channel- song tribute to Jimmy Carter

  • Heretical Fun House YouTube Channel - Character Voices

  • Lilith Games - Voice of Kronos in Dislyte mobile game

  • Lilith Games - Mobile Ad Commercial

  • Greg's Rockin' Goat Coffee - Commercial for web and radio use

  • Ryatt Gaming - Various Voice Over lines for streaming channel

  • Richard Good - Parody song celebrating his survival of a double organ transplant 

I look forward to working with you and adding you to the growing list of clients at Savage Voices!


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